Rigpa Glimpse of the Day

A daily quotation from the book "Glimpse After Glimpse " by Sogyal Rinpoche.

May 28

Patrul Rinpoche’s teacher was called Jikmé Gyalwe Nyugu. For many years, he had been doing a solitary retreat in a cave in the mountains. One day when he came outside, the sun was pouring down; he gazed out into the sky and saw a cloud moving in the direction of where his master, Jikmé Lingpa, lived. The thought rose in his mind: “Over there is where my master is,” and with that thought a tremendous feeling of longing and devotion surged up in him. It was so strong, so shattering, that he fainted.

When Jikmé Gyalwe Nyugu came to, the entire blessing of his master’s wisdom mind had been transmitted to him, and he had reached the highest stage of realization, what we call “the exhaustion of phenomenal reality.”

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