Suzannah ‘Zanna’ Yardas, is the owner and licensed massage therapist of Zenjoy Living and Georgetown Wellness and Massage Therapy in Washington DC. Concurrent with offering massage, she teaches meditation to individuals, small groups as well as to teens and grade school children. It is her intention that through this healing work she helps to affect positive changes in our world, beginning with each client, one session at a time.

Before moving to Washington DC in 2009, she maintained a private massage practice for thirteen years in California that served many of the elite athletes in Lake Tahoe area. She also ran a successful business, Lotus Sage Massage, serving Lake Tahoe visitors. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Colorado College. Zanna lives in Washington DC with her husband David and three children, Nico, Olek and Sophie.

After graduating from college, Zanna began meditating in 1986. The practices of shamatha and vipassana that she learned in the Shambhala Training program proved transformative in helping her deal with a severe generalized anxiety disorder. It was after completing the Shambhala Warriors Assembly in 1988, that Zanna first met Sogyal Rinpoche in Berkeley, California. For the next 4 years, she concurrently studied with the Vajradhatu community and the Rigpa sangha, attending and volunteering at most of the Rigpa Fall Retreats in Califiornia and Prapoutel in 1990. The1992 Three Month Retreat prompted a profound change her life, and marked the beginning of her official tenure in Rigpa. First serving on the National team from 1992-1994 and then serving as Sogyal Rinpoche’s personal secretary in France,1994-1996.

From 1996-present she has served on the Rigpa US Board in various capacities as well as worked/volunteered for Rigpa US throughout the years and during numerous retreats.

Throughout these years, Zanna has dedicated her time and energy to helping Rigpa meet it’s challenges of establishing and supporting the authentic transmission of the buddhadharma to Western minds. She is firmly committed to finding ways of ensuring the longevity of this precious lineage. And hopes that our Rigpa community continues to discover and implement unique ways of bringing the teachings into our lives so that our whole world and everyone in it can be transformed and can ultimately attain enlightenment. She currently serves as the Chair of the Rigpa US Board and will be stepping down in March of 2017.

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