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Glimpse of the day

Rigpa Glimpse of the Day

A daily quotation from the book "Glimpse After Glimpse " by Sogyal Rinpoche.
  • April 23 ON BODHICITTA: The Compassionate Heart of the Enlightened Mind It is the supreme elixirThat overcomes the sovereignty of death.It is the inexhaustible treasureThat eliminates poverty in the world.It is the supreme medicineThat quells the world’s disease.It is the tree that shelters all beingsWandering and tired on the path of conditioned existence.It is the universal bridgeThat leads to freedom from unhappy states of birth.It is the dawning moon of the mindThat dispels the torment of disturbing conceptions.It is the great sun that finally removesThe misty ignorance of the world. SHANTIDEVA

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