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What Meditation Really Is, Courses 2 & 3  includes:

Course 2- Using our Senses, Thoughts and Emotions as a Support, and
Course 3- Dropping the Method.

This course introduces the idea that all sensations, thoughts and emotions can be used as a basis for meditation practice: in short, everything that occurs during the meditative experience can be a basis for meditation, rather than a distraction. Students will also have the opportunity to experience how shamatha with support leads into shamatha without support, and practice alternating between shamatha with and without support.

These topics are presented over 10 sessions of teachings, with a practice week, making a total of 11 weeks. This course is recommended for student who have completed the first course of “What Meditation Really Is”. Topics of study and practice build on what was presented in Course One, and introduce the following new topics:

Through teachings on video, online discussions and contemplative exercises, students will explore the connection between the way mind perceives, and our experiences of happiness, peace and contentment. This helps us understand how meditation can help us transform our mind and perceive differently, so that we discover a deeper contentment that is not reliant on outer circumstances.

We will also share an overview of some different methods used in practicing shamatha with an object, and without an object, and have a chance to practice them. The weekly sessions will help to maintain a stable daily practice and also develop the habit of practicing for short moments, many times, throughout the day. Through the teaching and practice, it is possible to begin to identify more with the essence and nature of mind rather than the appearance of thoughts and emotions

We will also revisit important principles that were established in the first course:

Students will gain a genuine experience of meditation and all the tools they need to take the benefits into every aspect of their life.