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Integrating Meditation in Care


An 8-week on-line training for professionals and trained volunteers working in healthcare, social and human services and education.

What patients and clients most need is to feel truly heard and cared for by those who care for them. Cultivating Compassionate Presence teaches professionals exactly this.  Step-by-step, participants learn to apply and integrate contemplative tools that foster a greater sense of self-awareness and well-being, practical resources for preventing burnout and enhancing their professional skills and competencies.

Recent research shows on-going contemplative practice, such as mindfulness or meditation, can improve attention and memory, increase compassionate responses, reduce stress, increase confidence in challenging situations and renew enthusiasm.

Join this on-line course and study together with like-minded professionals wherever you are, whether you are new to meditation or experienced. Cultivating Compassionate Presence is a stand-alone course but can also be taken as part of our newly revised Certificate Program: Authentic Presence-A Certificate in Contemplative End-Of-Life Care for Healthcare Professionals.