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You’re invited to an evening with Sogyal Rinpoche, author of the highly acclaimed The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.

This December, Sogyal Rinpoche will teach on understanding the mind and the wisdom of meditation following in the spirit of the extraordinary teachings of Dzogchen—the Great Perfection, which is the highest wisdom of the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition.

Known for his spontaneous, dynamic and intimate teaching style, and for his ability to create an atmosphere which naturally inspires our inner wisdom, Rinpoche’s unaltered simplicity, and electric, playful and vibrant wakefulness, can leave you seeing your mind and the world from a completely fresh perspective.

Many people, from all walks of life, have found Rinpoche’s teachings to be immediately and directly relevant to their experience. Time and again they have expressed the profound and lasting impact this wisdom has had on their mind, and how it has transformed their lives and their being.

When we know how to leave our mind in its true nature, we discover a way of being that is completely free from stress, confusion and turbulent emotions. We go beyond the limited, habit-driven view of who we think we are, and we become much bigger. As our mind opens, the barriers that keep our natural intelligence, love and fearlessness from being released begin, quite naturally, to fall away.

By integrating the wisdom of these teachings fully into our daily life, our inherent awareness, wakefulness, wisdom, love, and compassion begin to radiate out in everything we do and to everyone we encounter. We become truly alive—confident, open and at ease in any situation.

All are welcome to attend the talk, regardless of ability to pay. If you are unable to contribute the suggested donation, please contact us at us.events@rigpa.org to reserve your seating at an amount that can work for you.