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Whether it’s through meditation, compassion, or devotion, there are many paths we can take to transform our minds.
But we all need to begin somewhere.

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For anyone interested in learning the art of meditation, or even simply curious what all the fuss is all about, check out our courses, special events and drop-in meditations here.

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Rigpa presents the Buddhist tradition of Tibet in a way that is both completely authentic and relevant to the lives and needs of modern society.

What Meditation Really Is

Experience the essence of meditation

Experience the essence of meditation and learn methods for how to transform all aspects of your life into a practice of meditation in our complete series on meditation: ‘What Meditation Really Is’

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Glimpse of the Day

Daily inspirations for the heart,
from the living wisdom of Tibet

Inspired by Sogyal Rinpoche’s modern spiritual classic, the bestselling The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, these thought-provoking reflections and teaching stories are a rich source of contemplation, serenety, and joy throughout the day.

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